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Who We Are:

Shree Ganesha International stands for software generator — based in Kolkata. Shree Ganesha International is a Website Designing Company specialized in Web Design Services, Website Redesign, Website Maintenance, Logo Designing, Ecommerce Websites Development, Website promotion, Search Engine, Search Engine Optimization, Domain Name Registration, Hosting websites, Desktop computers and much more.

The most powerful feature of Shree Ganesha International is innovative ideas with creative minds that enables our organization to provide new innovative, professionally and quality products to ours clients. We come up with solutions that add value to our products and provide better services to our clients in a highly competitive era.

The company was formed in 2012 by a team of software professionals, having in-depth experience of web technology and organizational development. We have innovative ideas, years of experience and skills to deliver what our clients requirements. We have a team of highly professionals who ensure quality check at every step of development, from beginning to finish.

Shree Ganesha International believes in new ideas, commitments, market analysis, research and implementing new projects and concepts to show information. We have worked for many industries like educational, fashion designing, healthcare and hospitality, traveling, government, exports and imports, press media, small scale business companies, BPO, software companies and more. As a website development company, we are also taking care of promoting your business and enhancing your brand name.

A part from website development, we provide computer hardware solutions to our clients. We have a series of desktop computers which suits to our customer needs. Our highly technical team provide best configuration at lowest price in market. We assure about the quality and price of our products which we provide to our customers.

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